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The Later Years

Many people dread their retirement rather than looking forward to it as they should after years of hard work. That is because it is getting increasingly difficult to find our retirement as pensions are worth less and costs are shooting up. Commodities, food and fuel are all rocketing and even the savings we do have are giving us less and less returns.

There are various ways that people deal with this problem. Some people look at equity release schemes on their house or apartment, which means that they get the cash for their house up front and the bank then gets repaid when they pass away.

Other people are forced to put their retirement on hold and carry on working until much later than they had planned. There are people still working up and down the country who are well into their seventies.

For some, they enjoy going into work instead of retiring as it gives them a sense of purpose in life and they love to meet people in their job. For others working in later life is not what they want but they are forced to due to a lack of money to fund their retirement.

As we all are living longer and many pension pots are squeezed, this is a problem that is not going to go away and it is likely to affect our children even worse.

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